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CHOWK is a centre for dance.

Founded in 2007 by Raka Maitra, CHOWK is based in Singapore atop the idyllic Emily Hill. The centre offers dance classes, creates artistic productions and engages in research.

The dance classes include regular lessons in Odissi dance for a range of ages from children to adults, as well as periodic workshops in other Asian traditional somatic practices.

CHOWK’s artistic productions have included full-length contemporary dance works that have been commissioned by local theatres and festivals in Singapore and have toured internationally. In February 2015, The Hungry Stones was presented at the Hivernale (Winter Festival) in Avignon upon the invitation of the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique. In September 2015, CHOWK premiered From Another Land which was commissioned by The Esplanade for its SG50 programme, marking 50 years of Singapore's nationhood.

Currently the centre's research is in documentation and archival of rhythms in Odissi.

CHOWK is a recipient of the National Arts Council (Singapore) Seed Grant 2014-17.